Bermudos Sessions

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Bermudos meets Mobilee

out 7th of January


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Bermudos - label, event agency, booking agency... but first of all we are CREATIVE COMMUNITY covering not only the unique sounds of different musical styles but interesting all types of underground art life.

Our music label delivery to you bright and incomparably fresh sound with unusual rhythms and effects, floating on the border of dark & deep tech sound to a diverse and exciting techno with acid colors, as well as an extraordinary display of electronica - this is the main focus of the Bermudos.

Event agency has a big experience in different places (Kazantip, Phuket, Bali, Dubai etc.) and we has some secret plans and ideas for the closest future how to join different types of art together.

Managed by Pavel Viarshenia (De Wachtkamer project)

Distributed by Proton Soundsystem (U.S.A.)

Deeper in Bermudos

Nakadia @ Bermudos Session, Phuket

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